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Audiological evaluation of young children or people with learning differences is difficult and is prone to retesting. Simply put, most 3 year olds don’t have the cognitive ability to take direction and sit still for 5-10 minutes.

Working directly with clinicians and parents, CLIK have developed fun tablet based games that actually engages the user, and results in an accurate picture of their hearing.

Our intelligent and portable design means that anyone can be tested anytime, anywhere.

Our product range

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CLIK Play   £495

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Designed in partnership with clinicians and parents

Currently, many audiologists conduct a ‘play’ audiometry test where the child is asked to perform a simple tactile task whenever they hear a sound through their headphones. This method is outdated, and can be confusing to the child who often loses interest halfway through.

CLIK Play has been developed for children above the age of 3 to create an engaging way to assess the hearing abilities using a tablet based game assessment. CLIK’s revolutionary hearing screening technology removes the guesswork and need for retesting, providing accurate results quickly.

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Digital games that can link seamlessly to any PC based audiometer via Wi-Fi.

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Beautifully designed with colourful visuals and audio reinforcement to keep children and those with cognitive impairments engaged

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Saves time and improves accuracy compared to traditional audiometry tests.

CLIK School Screening

Coming soon!

Developed with the National Child Measurement Programme

Following a change in legislation in 2013, local authorities are now asked to collect data on reception year and year 6 children’s height and weight from all state schools within their area.

CLIK School Screening is a centralised system to measure how a child is progressing through height and weight tracking, integrated hearing tests and sight tests. This data is then stored ready for exporting to your chosen database platform.

Gamified automated hearing screening test
Vision test
Record storage for hearing, vision, height and weight results

CLIK Screen

Coming soon!

Occupational Health Hearing Screening Audiometer

Monitoring and detecting early signs of hearing loss caused by occupational noise exposure is crucial. CLIK Screen makes workplace hearing tests simple and easy.

CLIK Screen is a web based solution, accessible from anywhere, meaning no costly booths or sound systems are required.

The hearing screening audiometer is equipped with both automated and manual pure tone audiometry capabilities, allowing it to generate various pure tone frequencies at different intensities.

The audiometer covers a frequency range from 250 Hz to 8000 Hz, as well as speech in noise assessments in order to adhere to the new HSE/ Noise at Work Regulation guidelines.

This data is then stored as a customisable medical history form which can be exported in multiple formats.

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Our devices comply with the health and safety standards set out by HSE