A world where hearing loss does not mean isolation

Gamified, portable hearing tests

A world where hearing loss does not mean isolation


We deliver technology for those that find standard hearing tests difficult to complete. Our intelligent and portable design means that anyone can be tested anytime, anywhere.

Clik on tablet

Clik gamifies hearing tests

There are over 360 million people worldwide with disabling hearing loss. A proportion of these people find it difficult to complete a normal hearing test due to a cognitive impairment. This could be down to age, disease or disability. We develop games aimed at these different cognitive abilities, games that actually engage the user. This opens up fast, accurate and portable hearing tests to everyone.

About Clik

Audiological evaluation of young children is difficult and is prone to failure and retesting. This is due to the simple fact that children between the age of 3-5 find it difficult to perform hearing test with existing techniques: A 3 year old doesn't have the cognitive ability to take direction and sit still for 5-10 minutes

We wanted to develop a new approach, taking advantage of the rise in tablet based audiometers combining gamification and evidence based research into cognative function. These new technologies are demonstrating significant improvements in the diagnoses and screening of hearing impairment in young children. With the use of CLIK our innovative technology looks to improve the experience of conventional audiometry for both the patient and the Audiologist even further.

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